Panama Companies Formation

The incorporation of Panama Companies began in 1927 when the relevant legislation was passed. Since then thousands of Panama Companies have been registered to make Panama one of the top five (5) jurisdictions in the world today. Panama is situated in Central America and is a Spanish speaking country. The Republic of Panama is well known for two (2) factors, the Panama Canal and its offshore financial sector.

In order to facilitate Panama company registrations and Panama company formation, the services of a Registered Agent must be employed. The more reputable and safest choice of Panama company registrations agents is a lawyer or law firm with experience. This tends to ensure privacy and confidentiality under client-attorney privileges. Clients should choose an agent who is well established and has a reputable track record.

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The Panama Corporation or Panama Offshore Company is the most common offshore company registered in Panama. To incorporate in the Republic of Panama an Articles of Incorporation must be completed and submitted to the Public Registry of Panama. The Articles of Incorporation must be notarized or certified by a public officer or Notary Public in Panama. The Articles of Incorporation can be written in any language. Articles not written in Spanish must be translated and certified by a translator recognized in the Republic of Panama. The Articles of Incorporation must include the following necessary documents and information:

  • The name and address of the company (can be in any language)
  • The names and addresses of the subscribers (must be two or more)
  • The objectives of the company
  • The names and addresses of the directors of the company( no less than three who will serve as President, Secretary and Treasurer of the company)
  • The corporate capital and the number of shares it will be divided into. The requirements, privileges and voting rights of each shareholder must be stated
  • The name and address of the Registered Agent
  • The by-laws of the company

The incorporation of a Panama Company can take a few days or even one day providing that all the correct documents are made available to the Registered Agent. Registered Agents in Panama offer nominee services therefore the names of the rightful owners of companies will not be filed with the Public Registry and will not become public information. Nominee services are also offered for company directors and officers.

Panama Companies can be used for many purposes mainly asset protection, estate planning and reducing tax liabilities among others. Panamanian companies once incorporated in the Republic of Panama can conduct its business operations anywhere in the world. Panama Companies pay mo local taxes on foreign generated incomes. Corporations registered in Panama have no reporting of financial records to do to the Government of the Republic of Panama.

Companies incorporated in Panama are guaranteed security in a stable political and social environment. Panama has a very stable and thriving economy perfect to invest in. The legislation which governs Panama Companies ensures that these entities receive confidentiality. Panama has decades of incorporating companies and the services offered are professional and reliable.