Investment Properties

The Republic of Panama has gained much popularity due to the country being named one of the top five countries to retire to in the world. Since then the country has seen a huge number of expatriates from around the globe making Panama their home. This increase in population has affected a high number of real estate projects in the country and made Panama real estate well sought after with people from different walks of life scrambling to obtain their own piece of paradise. Panama Real Estate Market consists of prime properties at extremely affordable prices. Today many properties have been made available in the real estate market.

There is a long list of benefits to having a second passport. St. Kitts is known for having the longest existing second passport program. It operates by the name of citizenship by investment and seeks to attract investors into various sectors of the economy through real estate development and diversification projects. Estate and succession planning can be strengthened through these second passport programs as they promote wealth and can help in creating an additional source of income. Retirement planning is another benefit of having a second nationality as one is able to undertake long-term planning

Among the most common properties available on the Panama Real Estate Market today are condo units. These are most commonly found in Panama City. Condos can be bought or rented out. Condos are built in modern designs and styled with every modern furniture imaginable. Amenities and facilities include pool, spa, laundry rooms and game rooms and many others all of which provides comfort to owners.

Some investors in the Panama Real Estate Market opt to buy land in the Republic of Panama instead. It is just as easy for foreigners to purchase land. The legislation of Panama affords foreigners the same rights and protection that is given to citizens for purchasing or real estate properties. There is only one restriction placed on foreign citizens wishing to purchase land/property in Panama. Foreigners are prohibited from owning lands 10 km of national borders and they are also restricted from owning islands, beaches, and river and lake shores. There are circumstances where foreigners can be granted the right to develop on these areas.

The Panama Real Estate Market has a number of houses for sale or rent. Such properties include farm homes, ranches, townhouses, bungalows villas etc. these homes can be obtained in scenic areas such as Boquete and Coronado. Homes in Panama are reasonable priced in perfect environment. Boquete fro example is a peaceful town with lots of services available in the surrounding areas. Boquete is well known for its rain forests, rivers, coffee flowers and good hiking.

Rental Properties are also available on the Panama Real Estate Market. Such properties can be found all over the country but are concentrated in high numbers in Panama City. Rental properties are made available for short tern or long term periods at great prices. Rentals are very suitable for business persons who make frequent visits to Panama or vacationers to the country.

At the moment Panama Real Estate Market has suitably priced properties waiting to be grabbed. With a high number of retirees making Panama their new homes the prices are not guaranteed to remain low. The right time to invest in the Panama Real Estate Market is now. The Republic of Panama is a very country with low crime rates, very affordable high standard of health care and a low cost of living. Panama is one of the best offshore jurisdictions in the world which makes investing in the country very lucrative.