The Panama You Visit

The Republic of Panama in Central America is an independent nation. Panama has a flourishing economy which is supported by its services sector, Tourism and Agriculture and Fishing Industries. The official language of the country is Spanish but English and native Indian languages are also spoken. The Capital of Panama is Panama City. The currency is Balboa which is on par with the United States Dollar (USD). The United States Dollar if accepted everywhere in Panama.

Panama was the first European settlement on the Pacific Coast. In 1519 the first settlement was founded by Pedrarias Davila but the town was destroyed in pillage by Henry Morgan a notorious English pirate. This area is now known as old Panama. The settlement was then moved in 1673 when Cordoba and Mendoza founded the second city which is known as Colonial Panama. Both areas have UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Government of Panama has pumped a lot of capital into restoration work in these two areas.

The Republic of Panama is home to many native tribes including the Kuna, Cuevas, Embeera, and Wounaan. Members of the tribes still speak their native language. The Kuna for example still live like their ancestors in thatched huts. Keeping their culture alive they paint their bodies and wear traditional dress called Molas .The Kuna economy is marinated by subsistence farming and fishing. The Women weave Molas which are sold to tourists. The Embeera and Wounaan support themselves by making creative wood sculptures and weaving baskets.

Over the years Panama has gained a reputation as a tourist destination. With its perfect climate Panama welcomes people to hike, swim and dive among other adventurous activities. The beaches of Panama are perfect for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. The rivers are ideal for kayaking and river rafting or enjoy a cool relaxing bath. The rain forests provide a good location for hiking or just visiting with nature. Panama has numerous parks to see the abundant flora and fauna of the country. A birdwatcher’s haven Panama has close to 1000 bird species.

The Panama Pension Program has made Panama popular with retires from the United States, Canada and Europe. Considered to be one of the best pension programs retirees receive tax exemptions and discounts on hotel accommodations, medical and pharmacy bills and a whole lot more. Panama has been rated as one of the top five (5) countries in the world to retire to and this is perhaps due to its perfect weather, low cost of living and inexpensive real estate.

Nightlife in Panama is plentiful. There are many nightclubs and discotheque to choose from. Casinos stay opened late at nights to provide a different type of adrenaline rush. Games such as blackjack, poker, slot machines and betting on live international sports games are abundant at Panama’s Casinos. Trendy restaurants with jazz reggae or Latino beats are also opened at nights.

Panama has a low crime rate which makes it safe for visitors. Socially and politically Panama has been stable from the 90’s. Today Panama is known as the business center of Central America attracting investors from around the globe.
Panama – A Flourishing City, Booming Offshore Center, Retirement Destination